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27 DECEMBER 2021 – From the early days of its establishment on 19 December 2016, ProtectHealth Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (ProtectHealth) has set a strong social agenda as a premier not-for-profit healthcare financing provider and has successfully intensified its agenda with more public-private partnerships (PPP).

Today, ProtectHealth maintains that agenda by playing a vital role in bridging both the government and private sectors, through the acceleration of the PPP on the implementation of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK), the largest ever PPP in the health care sector.

ProtectHealth Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Dr. Anas Alam Faizli in the appointment of ProtectHealth as the implementer for the private medical practitioner and NGO participation in the PICK stated, “These strategic collaborations between the private medical practitioners (PMPs) and the public healthcare in PICK has resulted with the 27 million people who have been vaccinated within a very short span of time. This achievement has made Malaysia amongst the top 10 highest fully vaccinated population against COVID-19 globally.”

As of December 19, 2021, PMPs and healthcare NGOs under ProtectHealth have contributed over 28.8 million doses of vaccines, or 47 per cent of the total 61.4 million doses of vaccines administered involving more than 2,200 COVID-19 Vaccination Centres (PPVs) nationwide.

At the same time, in line with the development of Malaysia’s healthcare system and ProtectHealth’s mission which is “Your Health, Our Mission”, ProtectHealth has been supporting the National Agenda of Healthy Malaysia and emerged as the administrator of Skim Peduli Kesihatan (PeKa) B40 programme, since 2019. To date, over 550,000 people have been screened under this PeKa B40 scheme.

Through this scheme, ProtectHealth has successfully conducted early detection and intervention among the eligible beneficiaries to avoid them for paying high costs for medical expenses later when they are diagnosed with serious diseases. As of 30 November 2021, 36 per cent of over 550,000 beneficiaries have been classified as newly diagnosed non-communicable disease (NCD) cases and this is a cost saving to the Government through early intervention and treatment of complication.

2021 marks a significant milestone for ProtectHealth which has been accorded with two prestigious awards – the Outstanding COVID-19 Vaccination Delivery of the Year at the GlobalHealth Asia Pacific Awards 2021 and Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Leader Achievement Award at the Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Leader Achievement Awards by the KSI Asia Pacific (KSI).  

Congratulating ProtectHealth on its five years achievements, Health Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin hopes ProtectHealth will continue to play a major role in all health reforms undertaken by the government to continuously implement the PeKa B40 expansion in 2022.

Besides PICK and PeKa B40, ProtectHealth will continue to manage the efficiency of the Skim Perlindungan Insurans Kesihatan Pekerja Asing (SPIKPA) programme as mandated by Ministry of Health (MOH) as the Electronic Service Provider operator.