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10 JANUARY 2022 – ProtectHealth Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (ProtectHealth) encourages companies or associations that would like to arrange for booster dose vaccination for their employees or members to participate in the Vaccination Centre (PPV) Outreach Programme by requesting with Private Medical Practitioners (PMPs) and Healthcare Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) registered with ProtectHealth.

This programme provides a more controlled and easier way for the employees, especially those working in factories and immobile as this programme also provides for home vaccination too. The application to open PPV Outreach would be submitted by the PMPs and the Healthcare NGOs.

The PPV Outreach Programme which commenced in November 2021, have been conducted by PMPs and Healthcare NGOs to achieve wider accessibility and increase the take up rate for the booster dose nationwide. Companies and associations may request with PMPs or Healthcare NGOs that have registered with ProtectHealth to conduct the PPV Outreach Programme for their employees or members.

This PPV Outreach Programme replaces previously what is called the PPV Industri which was coordinated with the relevant ministries such as Public-Private Partnership COVID-19 Industry Immunisation Programme (PIKAS), Agrofood Industry Vaccination Programme (AiVAC) and Retail Industry Vaccination Programme (RiVAC). Also, it replaces previous outreach programmes with Healthcare NGOs reaching for the rural and interior areas. All these programmes will now be coordinated under the PPV Outreach Programme.

Government borne the cost of vaccine, provided free of charge and the vaccine administration where ProtectHealth would pay the PMP and Healthcare NGO for each vaccination given. Provider is paid for full clinical services. Employer is not allowed to charge the vaccinees and should should provide appropriate venue and non-clinical infrastructure for the PMP and Healthcare NGOs to do the vaccination. Employers are not allowed to charge any fee to the employees for booster dose obtained via this PPV Outreach Programme.

ProtectHealth Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Dr. Anas Alam Faizli stated that “ProtectHealth continues to improve the accessibility and network, as well as increase the convenience for vaccinees by offering the many types of PPVs including for the booster dose, to accommodate the population. The PPV Outreach is one of the ways to expedite the booster dose vaccination, focusing on targeted groups and sectors for a short-term programme (1 day to 7 days), depending on the numbers of the vaccinees.

“Previously, most employees would go to the PPV but for now, employers can opt to set up a vaccination drive ranging from one to seven days for their employees.

“We also encourage PMPs and Healthcare NGOs to collaborate with employers and community leaders that wish to do the targeted vaccination at their place, workplace or at the factories to increase the vaccination coverage.

In order to ensure the vaccination through the PPV Outreach Programme is implemented systematically and safely, several procedures have been established and must be followed by the registered PMPs and Healthcare NGOs registered under ProtectHealth.

Key Information in the Implementation of Vaccination Through the Outreach Programme

  1. All Private Medical Practitioners and Healthcare NGOs registered under ProtectHealth are allowed to coordinate the vaccination via outreach programme. They must obtain relevant agreement from the District Health Office or the Companies involved.
  2. All vaccines provided are free and the cost is borne by the Government.
  3. All types of provided vaccines are based on the medical experts’ recommendation.
  4. The company / agency / local community is responsible for providing a suitable venue and space to be used as the Vaccination Centre (PPV).
  5. The company / agency / local community is responsible for any cost involved in providing the venue as the Vaccination Centre (PPV).
  6. The company / agency / local community is prohibited from charging any fee to the employees/ vaccinees in the administration of the vaccine.
  7. All Private Medical Practitioners and Healthcare NGOs who have received approval to coordinate the vaccination via the Outreach Programme are required to comply with the guidelines for the management and administration of COVID-19 Vaccine from the Ministry of Health Malaysia and ProtectHealth.
  8. All Private Medical Practitioners and Healthcare NGOs will only be paid by ProtectHealth upon completion of the vaccination process

ProtectHealth has never appointed any agent or third party as an intermediary in the application process for the PPV Outreach Programme. ProtectHealth through PMPs and healthcare NGOs will continue to be committed in helping the Ministry of Health to accelerate and expand vaccination access in the National COVID-19 Immunisation Program (PICK).

As of 9 January 2022, ProtectHealth has successfully contributed 49.5% of the total vaccination throughout Malaysia, which is equivalent to 29,352,440 doses in PICK. ProtectHealth has also contributed 72.1% of the total booster dose vaccinations throughout Malaysia, which is equivalent to 5,627,951 doses in PICK-Booster.

In addition, 111 PPV Outreach programmes have been conducted, with 69 PPV Outreach vaccinations for employees at workplaces and 42 PPV Outreach vaccinations for the communities.

Lindung Diri, Lindung Semua.