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4 MARCH 2022 – Pursuant to the announcement made by the Deputy Health Minister Dato’ Dr. Noor Azmi Ghazali on March 3, 2022, the Booking Management System will be made available nationwide, via the MySejahtera app for parents or guardians to register their children for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme for Children (PICKids) effective March 7, 2022 (Monday). Previously, this system for PICKids has been rolled out only in the Klang Valley since it was launched on February 3, 2022. This is a continuous Government effort in ensuring the wellbeing and health of children including protection against the Omicron variant.

After the child is registered as a vaccination dependent, parents or guardians will be able to choose their preferred PPV to book vaccination appointments at selected PPVs via the MySejahtera app. You may book an appointment by selecting PPV based on location and then select the preferred date and time of the appointment.  

It is recommended to update the app to the latest version before proceeding to book an appointment through the Booking Management System.

These are the steps to be taken:

  1. Register your child as your vaccine dependent.
  2. Go to the MySejahtera app home screen and then tap on COVID-19 vaccination. 
  3. Click on your child’s name you wish to have the vaccine administered.
  4. Click on the blue link ‘Click here to book your dependant’s appointment’.
  5. Confirm and declare that your dependent has never experienced severe allergies and is not on blood-thinning medication. If you answer no to any of them, your dependent will be required to undergo a pre-vaccination assessment.
  6. If both boxes are ticked, you may proceed to select the vaccine type and preferred vaccination centre. For younger children, you should pick Pfizer (children) as the vaccine type.
  7. Select PPV name and address.
  8. Select an available vaccination slot for your child. Click ‘See more’ for more appointment slots.
  9. Before clicking ‘Confirm’, ensure that the details are correct (i.e. type of vaccine, place of vaccination, date and time of vaccination).
  10. A confirmed vaccination slot will be reflected accordingly.

ProtectHealth Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Dr. Anas Alam Faizli advises parents to get their children vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect them from serious complications, particularly Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).

“In February, it was reported that seven children aged 18 and below in Malaysia have died of MIS-C due to Covid-19 infections and the cases have also been on an upward trend.

“Research has proven that the Pfizer vaccine on children aged five to 11 years old is effective and able to enhance immunity and reduce the risk of serious illness from COVID-19. Please protect your family,” he said.

Parents or guardians may also find preferred PPV for PICKids under ProtectHealth as reference list on our website ‘Find Vaccination Centre (PPV)’ at To date, 821 private health facility PPVs (private clinics, private specialist hospitals, private hospitals and ambulatory care centres) and 91 off-site PPVs under ProtectHealth are providing PICKids vaccinations.

As of 28th February 2022, a total of 879,264 doses of vaccination for PICKids have been administered since its commencement on 3rd February 2022 and 568, 731 or 64.6% were contributed by Private Medical Practitioners (PMPs) and Healthcare Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) under ProtectHealth.